FMX is ARD's bread and butter, we live it every day, and we love it!

It's no secret that ARD manufactures the best FMX ramps in the business. We can design and construct any ramp for any occasion, take Robbie Madison's world record distance ramp as an example from a long list.

ARD specialises in all aspects of FMX, from production of kickers and down ramps to full turnkey FMX shows and competitions. ARD has built and tours the best portable freestyle set up in the industry, all ramps on the portable set ups are surfaced with the state of the art textured HARD ramp surface, so the show can go on in any conditions.

Furthermore ARD has a portable container which they ship around the world for such events as ESPN Asian X games, and other various international events. The set up consists of container down ramp, kicker and fun box, all of which can be built in a day. Other obstacles and jumps can be built and added to the set up on request.