Standard FMX Comp Kicker

Standard Comp Kickers suit professional level FMX athletes. These ramps have been used by the best of the best and are what lives at legendary compounds like Matt Schubrings
Price: $2500 + GST


Custom Ramps

ARD can make ramps to suit your needs just like this monster built for Robbie Maddison's world record jump in 2005.
Price: POA


Trailer Kicker

This extra wise kicker is mounted on a trailer so you can take it anywhere you want to go. Like all ARD ramps its made from a Galvanized steel frame it also is surfaced in Gal Mesh steel for better on road performance.
Price: $7000 + GST


Super Kickers

Super Kickers suit professional level FMX athletes. The radius of the Super Kicker radius is tighter than a standard and shoots you high in the air instead of a long distance.
Price: $3000 + GST


Portable FMX Landing Ramps

ARD have what is said by top FMX athletes to be the Worlds best portable landing ramp ever made. We put a lot of time and money into the latest edition available for hire and its proved to be a winner. Its surfaced head to toe in HARD ramp surface and is the biggest of its kind allowing for some incredible demos.
Price: POA


50's Kicker

50’s kickers also available
Price: $1400 + GST