Monster skate park vert ramp

The Monster skate park vert ramp has stood the test of time, this outdoor ramp is open to all conditions and after four years shows no sign of deteriorating.


FMX touring truck

The state of art FMX touring truck was the first of ARD’s FMX ramps to be surfaced in HARD textured ramp surface, it was so popular with the riders we decided to surface our kickers in it as well. This surface is available to the public through ARD only. Contact the office to order or get more info.


ARD mini ramp

Just like the Vert ramp ARD’s mini ramp is surfaced in HARD. It’s smooth and fast and gives hours of enjoyment to the rider.



Monster skate park street course

Monster skate park street course was a big assignment for ARD, seen here surfaced in HARD ramp surface it has been used for BMX games and many industry demo’s as well as it’s biggest test, the general public riding it seven days a week.


ARD kicker

After the success of the down ramp we decided to surface ARD kickers in the textured surface also. It performs perfectly for night time shows where the ground might be damp from a dew. Ask us for this option when we make your next kicker or if you want to resurface your own.