Hard Ramp surface panels are based on a Kraft paper carrier. This paper is impregnated with a modified phenolic resin and laminated to provide a homogeneous board.

Technical aspects.

All panels are based on heat and pressure activated phenolic resins, which have been specially modified to suite the end application. This purpose designed board performs exceptionally well when installed as a skate ramp surface and is non corrosive to metal fixings.

Production specifications.

Ramp panels are produced in the required sheet length up to a maximum of 2850mm, standard width sheets are 1200 & 1245mm. Widths up to 1370mm can be produced for special applications.


When unsecured, panels should be stored on a flat horizontal surface to ensure flatness.

Ramp panels are designed to be weather resistant and should provide many years of maintenance free service once installed correctly.

OH&S Issues.

When Phenolic panels are machined the dust generated can cause an allergic reaction in some people. This can be avoided with the use of dust masks and barrier creams.

Working areas must be adequately ventilated when machining the board.