SCARD or stunt coordination of ARD was formed in 2007 and consists of ARD's touring operation. It focuses on events, logistics and athlete management.

SCARD offers a full turnkey solution for your event and event production, from ramp hire, bump in/out through to marketing and media partnership. SCARD have performed choreographed skate, FMX, BMX, snow and water shows worldwide, consisting of ESPN Asian X games from 2005 through to our 6 month show in Shenyang china for the world horticultural expo.

SCARD has access to the best freestyle athletes throughout the world. The best of the best have all ridden ARD's ramps and rate them amongst the best in the world.

SCARD through ARD has developed systems to ensure the highest standard of ramp design, construction and erection through consultation with leading practitioners in relevant fields including risk management.